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Reading Value

As an academy we value the importance of reading for pleasure and thus make the library a safe and inclusive environment for all students to access. As well as containing a wealth of titles for students to read and enjoy, our library also creates a safe space for students to take time out during their break times, complete homework or simply spend some quiet time with their peers. We encourage our students to be proud readers and the library is a space for celebrating this, with events like World Book Day and Pride Month allowing us to showcase some of our more specific texts and allowing students to celebrate and share in the joy of reading!  


The library has a wealth of both fiction and non-fiction texts aimed at a breadth of reading ages. These include quick reads, for our less confident readers, all the way to academic texts to support our sixth formers further study and career focused literature to inform next steps. We keep the library stocked with current texts exploring important issues and also have a wealth of texts celebrating race, equality, diversity and the LGBTQIA+ community. there really is something for everyone!

We also have a suite of computers to allow for research and homework.


The library also hosts a wealth of English intervention sessions, enabling students to progress in the following areas:

  • comprehension
  • reading age
  • spelling/ grammar
  • confidence in reading aloud
  • exam content 

Tutor time reading sessions are also available for select students, whereby students will read a chosen text in small groups, allowing them to develop their oracy skills when reading aloud and confidence of reading within group settings. 

The library is open at specified times after school for the completion of homework, in a quiet environment, either by hand or using a word processor/ the internet. 

Wellbeing is a key element of our school library and students are encouraged to see the library as a safe space and a space to wind down and escape the hustle and bustle of the school day. Many students optionally spend break times in the space, with their peers, reading, completing homework or simply winding down in a quiet and calm environment. 

Mrs. Smedley-Baugh is the librarian and, along with her team of student librarians, makes a safe and inviting environment for students and staff alike, with some English lessons being taught within the library space. 

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