The Academy Team

Principal Mr C Cooling
Mrs R Warner
Senior Vice Principal – Outcomes & Standards
Mrs L Clarke
Vice Principal – Behaviour and Safeguarding
Mrs L Wilkes
Vice Principal – Quality of Education
Mrs K Everitt-Smith
Assistant Principal – Standards
Mrs K Clarke-Edmunds
Senior Leader – Inclusion, Safeguarding & PSHE/RSE
Mr J Hawley Mr J Hawley
Senior Pastoral Leader KS3
Mrs J McCrystal Mrs J McCrystal
Senior Pastoral Leader KS4
Picture of Miss A Webb Miss A Webb
Executive Assistant & PA to Principal
Clerk to Governors
Head of Business & IT Mr M Blower
Head of Careers & IAG/Business Teacher Ms V Flanagan
Head of MFL Ms J Johnson
Teaching Staff Business/Computing/ICT: Mrs N Kaur
MFL: Ms E Lovatt & Mr J Davies
Trainee Teaching Staff Business/ICT: Miss R Campbell
Director of English, Performing Arts & Classics Mrs G Spittle
Head of English Miss E Roberts
Second in English Miss N Hemans
Teaching Staff Miss P Mal
Miss R Gibson
Miss A Rollason
Miss A Little
Mrs N Perry
Miss L Riley
Miss E Drummond

Head of Digital Media Miss D Gillet
Head of Creative Arts Faculty Miss A Graham-Mullings
Head of Art Mrs L Swift
Teaching Staff Miss K Coulson
Miss S Ghattaura
Assistant Director of Humanities Mr M Bates
Director of Faculty Mr P Peacock
Teaching Staff Mr Z Brookin
Mrs A Nicklin
Director of Mathematics Mrs S Matharu
Second in Maths Mrs R Finch
KS3 Co-Ordinator for Maths Mr A Harrison
Teaching Staff Miss T Kainth
Miss E Ncube
Head of Music and Performing Arts Mr M Porter
Head of PSHE Mrs K Clarke
Teaching Staff Miss I James
Miss A Little
Faculty Leader of Sport and well-being Mr R Spittle
Teaching Staff Mr M Weston
Mr D Sayer
Miss C Mincher
Head of Football Academies Mr R Forsyth
Sports Coach Mr G Forsyth
Director of Science Mrs S Hill
Lead Practitioner Mrs C Greaves
Teaching Staff Miss C Barnett
Mr S Hallen
Miss K Smith
Mrs A Rafiq
Mrs J Betts
Science Technician Mrs J Tiption
Mrs D Johnson
Vice Principal for Quality of Education and Inclusion Mrs L Wilkes
Senior Leader for Inclusion  Mrs C Greaves
Assistant Leader for Inclusion Mrs J Betts
Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator  Miss R Gibson
Hub Manager Mrs R Whittaker
Deputy SENDCo Mrs A Hawkins
HLTA Miss L Baker
TA Mrs V Bytheway
Miss S Kumari
Mrs S Langley
Mrs B Murray
Receptionist & Administrator Mrs J Kandola
Receptionist Miss E Marston
Reprographics Assistant Mr N Holland
Admin & Data Team Leader Mr P Benbow
Student Support Administrator Mrs S Brindley
Administration & Attendance Support Officer Miss S Jinman
Admin Assistant Miss C Russell
Examinations Officer Miss A Dunnett
Finance & Payroll Manager Mrs S Williams
Finance & Payroll Officer Mrs L Waters-Banks
Network Manager Mr Z Halvadzic
ICT Technician Apprentice Mr S Halvadzic
ICT Technician Apprentice Mr M Sunny
Site Manager Mr C Jones
Senior Site Supervisor Mr P Taylor
Site Apprentice Mr J Belstone
Casual Lettings Officer Mr C Wilson
Duty Lettings Officer Mr D Hodgetts
Premises and Transport Assistant Mr S Marston

Teaching Assistants Mrs A Hawkins
Mrs V Bytheway
Miss S Kumari
Mrs S Langley
Miss L Baker
Higher Level Teaching Assistant Mrs R Whittaker
Mrs P Morgan
Teaching Assistants Apprentice Mrs B Murphy
Miss B Lloyd
Hub Centre Manager Mrs M Sarai
Cover Supervisor Miss N Brown
Mrs L Bridges
Mrs S Singh
Miss M Rollason
Midday Supervisor Mrs D Bood
Mrs S Sprio
Miss E Cooper
Mrs T Nicholls
Mrs K Evans
Miss L Elwell
Inclusion Centre Manager & Assistant DSL Mrs A Taylor
Exam invigilator Mr S Sprio  
EAL Co-ordinator Miss J Evans
Minibus Driver Mr S Marston
Mr C Caddick
Marketing Miss A Webb
Safeguarding & Inclusion Mrs L Kay

Director of Sixth Form Mr M Weston
Assistant Head of Sixth Form – Year 12 & 13 Mr A Williams
Year Coordinator – Year 7 Miss S Bilboe
Year Coordinator – Year 8 Mrs S Rollason
Senior Pastoral Leader KS3 Mr J Hawley
Assistant KS3 Lead Miss I James
Year Coordinator – Year 9 Miss R McCurdy
Year Coordinator – Year 10 Mrs S Belstone
Year Coordinator – Year 11 Mr M Ball
Senior Pastoral Leader KS4 Mrs J McCrystal
Assistant KS4 Lead Mrs N Perry