School Day

Attendance and Punctuality

From September 2023 students will spend a total of 32 hours 30 minutes per week at the academy during the times stated below.

The academy places great importance on excellent attendance and punctuality in order for students to achieve their full potential and get the most out of academy life. We work hard with our students and their families to support and improve attendance and punctuality of all our students.

For students who may be experiencing difficulties in attending school fully, we have a range of support measures. These may include accessing support for the individual student in school, or support for the wider family from external agencies with whom we work in partnership.

A full hour will be available at the end of the day for students who wish to take part in extracurricular activities, including Homework Club. This time will also be used for students to catch up on work missed during the academy day for any reason, including misbehaviour.

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Lunchtime Arrangements

The academy offers a range of lunchtime activities for students. A timetable of these activities is published at the start of each term. In order to ensure students’ safety, all students remain on site throughout the academy day.