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Work Experience


Work Related Learning is a well-established and valuable part of the academy curriculum. Work Experience and work shadowing are two of the most effective ways we have of introducing students to the opportunities that await in the workplace. Work experience and work shadowing both enable students to enhance and focus their learning as they move through Key Stages 4 and 5 towards adulthood. They allow students to explore potential career choices in a structured way and enables development of essential skills such as communicating with people who are not their peers outside of the academy environment, writing letters of application, writing CVs, attending interviews, planning transport and meal arrangements. All of which are essential skills in the fast moving world of work.

  • All year 10 students will undertake ​either a day’s ​ work shadowing ​or a virtual experience for a career they would like to find out more about during the Spring and Summer term. If on an actual visit they will be accompanied by a member of Academy staff and parental/career permission must be given. ​The virtual presentation will also be attended by a member of NEW Academy staff
  • All year 12 will participate in a face-to-face work experience in July. We also encourage all students to take part in a virtual work experience that will usually occur during their own time in the Academy holidays

We ask that year 12 parents/carer support their child through this process encouraging them to meet their deadline for finding placements and helping them to find suitable placements through their own network of contacts.

The students’ tutor and Mrs Flanagan will support them throughout the year as students look for placements and to prepare for their time on the virtual placement/week in the workplace. Please contact Mrs Flanagan (Careers Leader)