Vision & Values

Aims, Ethos and Values

Every student at Ormiston NEW Academy is given the opportunity to realise their potential.

This is a place of excellence where students are welcomed, supported and cared for and a place in which our expert staff provide a curriculum which is knowledge rich.

We have a clear strategy for learning that everyone understands; this is centred around students knowing facts, ideas and concepts and strategically revising and replicating that knowledge in quizzes, tests and examinations. This understanding and commitment is mirrored by our students and reflected in their tie which they wear with pride, it represents what we believe in.

  • That students are always industrious in lessons.
  • That students are punctual which means they are on time in the morning and to each and every lesson.
  • That our students are always kind, polite and helpful.
  • That students are independent learners who revise each night and develop a thirst for more knowledge.

We believe that every second counts in a learning journey and we are explicit in how the student can access learning. We go the extra mile by teaching students how to learn. We teach them how to revise and homework is about supporting the excellent lessons they receive by transferring the teacher’s expertise into knowledge that the student can use.

It’s important that we communicate our expectations with students, we teach them our routines and protocols when they join our Academy and we combine excellent teaching with a set of standards that are expected each and every lesson. These are best exemplified in our four-part-lesson which we plan around the teacher, their expertise and every student’s learning experience. These four clear parts are:

  1. An ordered and structured beginning which builds on previous learning.
  2. Teachers sharing their expertise with the students.
  3. Students working quietly and independently using the teacher expertise to excel.
  4. A controlled ending in which learning is reviewed and next steps are discussed and delivered.

We believe in a balanced and broad curriculum in which students excel in mathematics, English, science, humanities and a language. They are then encouraged to pursue subjects which align to their personal needs and interests. It is in this calm and ordered environment that they can learn safely and are given the best opportunity to excel.

We believe that our approach makes us unique. Students are happy, successful and love being at the Academy. The character they build through healthy doses of grit and determination is complemented by our expectations. It’s a home for learning. Come and experience it for yourself.