I am proud to be the Principal of Ormiston North East Wolverhampton Academy (NEWA) and since starting in September 2019 we have made incredible progress. The standards and expectations that we hold ourselves to have been embraced by our students and have transformed the culture and ethos of our Academy.

This is a place of excellence where students are welcomed, supported and cared for. It’s a place where we develop our values of endeavour, practice and discipline with students from the moment they join us and we have more students joining us than ever before.


We believe in a balanced and broad curriculum in which students excel. We operate a calm and ordered environment where they can learn safely and are given the best opportunity to realise their potential. NEWA students are happy, successful and love being at the Academy. This is a home for learning.

We are incredibly open and encourage our community to see us in action. You might have already seen our new blazer and tie – they show how aspirant we are and how industrious we expect our students to be. We would welcome the conversation regarding how our approach is changing the shape of learning in the area. We have a lot to be proud of, come and see us or get in touch.

Sending best wishes to you all,

Mr Craig Cooling