Life as a Sixth Form Student

There are a range of activities students can expect on a day-to-day basis in NEW6. Each year group has a dedicated tutorial slot of 30 minutes Monday-Thursday, and 20 minutes on Friday. During this time, students engage in a wide range of activities, including Careers Guidance, PHSE, and assemblies.

Attendance, Progress and Expectations

Excellent attendance and punctuality is a key expectation. Attendance is reviewed weekly and students falling below 96% attendance will be referred to our attendance monitoring programme.

Students’ progress in their studies is monitored by subject staff through assessments and coursework. Any concerns are relayed to parents/carers via parental reports and phone calls.

At NEW6 we expect students to follow all our expectations for successful study. Any student failing to meet these will be referred to the Associate Assistant Principal.

What do we do in our free periods?

There are no free periods in Sixth Form. All students are allocated private study sessions that are taken during the school day (one per subject). These study periods are essential for meeting the demands of Sixth Form studies and they might consist of:

  • teacher-set tasks, essays, research, exams questions
  • revisiting/rewriting class notes to consolidate learning from the start
  • wider reading – reading around topics/subjects to develop understanding or reading ahead
  • watching a documentary or DVD related to your subject/topic and making notes
  • reading a newspaper article relevant to your subject
  • applying for university or working towards the application
  • completing online courses, work experience, or gaining experience to improve career aspirations.

Independent study sessions will also feature on a student’s own timetable. Students will complete at least five hours of independent study per subject taken, per week, at home.


At NEW6 we develop confident, well-rounded students able to take on a range of experiences in their adult lives. Our enrichment program is designed to support the curriculum students already study; our enrichment programme combines academic and vocational courses to supplement a student’s education at NEW6.

Our enrichment programme includes:

  • Apprenticeship talks/advice
  • UCAS Applications
  • Student Finance
  • Time Management
  • Exam Preparation and Revision
  • Extended Project
  • Sports Leaders and Football Coaching

We are incredibly fortunate to have many fantastic facilities at NEW6 for our students. The facilities we use are focused on developing outstanding learning in our students. Our classrooms enable both independent and collaborative learning to take place, which gives our students the best opportunity to attain the best possible qualifications. As well as an independent Sixth Form Centre for exclusive use by Years 12 and 13, our facilities include:

  • Exclusive Computer Rooms, including two within the Sixth Form Centre
  • Sixth Form Internet Café
  • Sixth Form library
  • UCAS and University prospectus library
  • Exclusive Sixth Form café and dining area
  • Access to Private Study Rooms
  • Gym
  • 3G football pitch
  • Sportshall
  • Independent toilet block and disabled facilities.
Meet the Team

The NEW6 team are dedicated to maximising the potential of every student in the sixth form. We have a skilled team of staff who manage and support NEW6. They are: