Digital Safeguarding

Safeguarding is taking proactive steps to prevent harm and abuse from occurring. Digital safeguarding is the same idea but in a digital space. Digital safeguarding simply means taking steps to stay safe online.

Going online is an integral part of children’s education but we want them to be safe.

Also, we want to help parents/carers and children develop their own understanding of digital issues so they can learn

Age Restrictions

There are many different legal age restrictions when using social media, these are:  

Understanding The Internet

When students access social media or are simply messaging others, they will use a range of emoji’s and slang to disguise what they are saying, some useful examples are below with their meaning.

Staying Safe Online

We also have some top tips on how to prevent issues happening online:

Safer school’s app

Ormiston NEW Academy has partnered with Safer Schools.

All students receive advice and guidance appropriate to their age as part of the Computing and Personal Development curriculum.

As a student or the parent/carer of a student of Ormiston NEW Academy, you can download and use the Safer Schools app. This app is packed full of the latest information about the online world to keep you safe

Further support

For further information on using social media including assisting with profile settings, please use the link below to access guides from SWGFL, this includes:

  • Instagram checklist
  • TikTok checklist
  • Roblox checklist
  • Netflix (adding parental controls)