Attendance and Punctuality

We expect all students to attend the academy all of the time, although we understand that circumstances may mean a students absence. We expect students to be punctual at all times.

It is an expectation that all students achieve 96% attendance. Absence from the academy has a negative impact on a child’s education. Good punctuality is also essential to make the most of your learning.

Successful students have excellent attendance and punctuality.

Student Absence

Students should only be absent from the academy for valid reasons such as genuine illness. We will not accept absences for child care, parcel delivery, birthdays, shopping or haircuts etc.

If there is an emergency or crisis situation that is unforeseen, please report daily on 01902 623117.

Appointments During the School Day

Medical or dental appointments should be made outside of school time wherever possible or supported by a valid appointment card/letter. Students should be encouraged to attend before and after appointments.

Truancy Call

There is an automated calling system for all students who are absent from the academy. This is administered at approximately 10.30am daily. It is important that absences are reported to avoid unnecessary truancy calls. Please note: this will call hourly until it receives a response – even into the evening.


No holiday will be authorised during the school year. Please read this document for further information regarding government legislation on holidays in term time.

For holidays due to exceptional circumstances please call our attendance officer on 01902 623117 and request a leave of absence. Alternatively, follow this link for a Wolverhampton Council Holiday in Term Time request form.

Consequence of Poor Attendance

If your child has an attendance rate of under 95%, please be aware that the following actions may be taken:

  • Support offered in school
  • A fixed-penalty fine may be levied
  • Attendance contract for parents
  • Legal action by the local authority