Tuition Sessions

Dear Parent/Carer

Dear Parent/Carer

In order to support your child’s progress, we would like to invite them to the following tuition sessions. These sessions will allow your child to plug any gaps in knowledge they have, and be well prepared for the upcoming PSA’s that will take place week beginning 27th November. These sessions will run from 7th November until 21st December.

Tuesday 3:20-4:20Wednesday 3:20-4:20Thursday 3:20-4:20
Computer Science Performing Arts
Art 3D Design
Health and Social Photography
Child Development Hospitality

Please see overleaf information regarding changes to BTEC qualifictaions, and the introductions of PSA’s. We welcome your support in ensuring your child attends every session in order to maximise their potential.

If there are any questions regarding these tuition sessions, please don’t hesitate to contact me on the details below.

Yours Sincerely,

Mrs K Everitt-Smith
Assistant Principal – Standards
[email protected]

BTEC Changes

As you may be aware, BTEC courses changed slightly in 2022 in order to match the rigour of GCSE courses, and to give students a taste of the sector they are interested in.

This change meant there has been a change to the way the courses are assessed. The internal summative assessments must now be set by the awarding organisation. Pearson now provide Pearson Set Assignments (PSAs), which are released twice a year, well in advance of assessment windows in December, January and May. While the scenario will change in each PSA, the tasks will assess the same skills so that the mark scheme remains consistent, making it easy to apply and standardise marking. As per the new requirements, all assessments must be marked numerically. In the new mark schemes, students can gain up to 12 marks across four bands, ranging through limited, adequate, good, and comprehensive knowledge, understanding and skills. These two components are moderated by Pearson, so it is important students take them as seriously as they will their actual GCSE examinations in May and June.

For this reason we are giving our Year 11 students who follow a BTEC programme 2 days to complete their PSAs with no interruptions, in order to support them achiving the highest marks. We are also inviting students to attend tuition sessions after school from 7th November to further support their progress and preparation.