Standards and Expectations – Uniform

Dear Parents and Carers

Every NEWA student is an ambassador for themselves, their families, and our community when they are in school and out in the public eye. Therefore, all students have a responsibility to present themselves in line with the direction and expectations outlined within the school uniform policy. Below is a list of ‘specific’ uniform requirements, which all students must follow at all times.

Main Uniform:
– A school blazer and tie must be worn at all times. The blazer and tie must be worn correctly and blazer sleeves cannot be rolled up.
– The top button of the shirt must be done up.
– Trousers must be full-length, plain and of a smart style in line with school expectations. Trousers must not feature decorative buttons or zips. Leggings, jogging bottoms, cuffed ankles or denim or cord type trousers are not permitted.
– Any clothing worn underneath school uniform must not be visible.

Shoes, bags and coats:
– Shoes must be plain black, polishable, smart, practical and in line with school expectations. Shoes must not have any visible logos.
– Plain black socks or tights that are in line with school expectations must be worn with all shoe types.
– Bags must be of a suitable size to carry exercise books/A4 folders and appropriate for use within the school. Fashion bags and handbags are not permitted.
– Coats should be plain in colour and in a style suitable for school. Denim jackets, leather jackets, hooded sweaters, cardigans and tracksuit tops are not permitted.
– Coats must only be worn in areas permitted by the school.

– One small plain stud earring per ear is permitted.
– Earrings must be removed for all physical activity.
– Other piercings such as nose rings, or facial piercings are not permitted.
– Ear stretchers, flesh tunnels and flesh plugs are not permitted.
– One ring and a watch may be worn.
– No other jewellery or fashion accessories are permitted.

Not following these requirements will lead to sanctions as outlined by the school’s behaviour policy